What’s in a name? How do we decide what is food and what isn’t?

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The salmon served at the local restaurant has its own name, its own logo, its very own unique flavour profile.

And while most other fish are known by a variety of names and flavours, only salmon is named after the colour of its skin, the salmon’s colour.

The colour salmon is actually a combination of three different types of colour, red, green and blue, according to the University of California, Davis, Department of Plant and Soil Science.

Salmon are also a popular colour in the US, with salmon sold in supermarkets and restaurants in many US states and territories.

But while the colour salmon might be a symbol of the salmon itself, it is actually part of the skin.

“We are the only animal on Earth that has a skin colour,” says Nick Smith, a PhD student in the Department of Animal Science at the University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Salmon have a skin covering called a sclerotium, which protects the skin from the elements.

But the colour isn’t what makes the salmon skin special.

It’s what’s underneath.

It contains pigment called a melanin, which turns the salmon a reddish-brown, which looks similar to what you might see in the salmon that you buy in a supermarket.

The melanin is responsible for making salmon more attractive to predators, says Smith.

“It’s a colour that’s very important to predators because predators want to kill these fish, so if they see the salmon with a dark skin, they’ll try to kill it,” he says.

The fish is the first animal to have its skin colour determined by the melanin in its skin.

But it turns out that this pigment has other functions as well.

It also makes salmon much more attractive.

In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Smith and his colleagues used a technique called optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), which is a technique for measuring luminescent light.

They showed that the melanins in the skin give salmon their colour, as well as the pigment in its sclerottium.

“The colour in salmon is derived from the pigments in the scleroteum,” Smith says.

“That’s a really unique process.”

The skin pigments are also very specific to salmon, says Dr Daniel Minkin, a research fellow in the University College of Art and Design’s Department of Human Genetics.

They’re called melanin receptor (MOR) proteins.

They are present in many other animals, including mice and fish.

They have a number of functions, including signalling other cells in the body.

But, unlike MOM proteins, MOR proteins are very specific, meaning they can be used to identify a particular type of pigment in a particular fish.

So Smith and colleagues could have identified a pigment in salmon that would make it more attractive, but they weren’t able to do that.

The scientists wanted to see if they could identify a pigmentation in salmon with different colours and use this information to identify different fish species.

To do this, they used a pigmented dye called BPA, which is made from polycarbonate (PVC), a material commonly used in the plastic manufacturing industry.

It is a colourless chemical that can easily be absorbed into fish skin.

They applied a dye to the skin of the pink salmon, and then put the salmon in a UV lamp.

The salmon was exposed to UV light for just under an hour, at which time they detected a number (about 1.5 to 10) of pigments on the skin, including the colour that the salmon had previously had.

The researchers then used the colour-recognition technique to identify the fish species that were most closely related to the salmon, the ones that were closest to the colour they had just seen.

So, the colour on the salmon was the colour the salmon got from the pigment it had been exposed to.

Smith and Minkins team also showed that it was possible to distinguish the colour a salmon had just received from a fish with a different skin colour.

“You could identify these fish species from a salmon’s skin, even if it was a pink salmon,” Smith explains.

“But we couldn’t differentiate between them using the pigment.”

The team found that they could distinguish salmon with the pigment from a brown salmon by looking at how it reacted to the UV light.

The darker the salmon the more it reacted.

The difference in reaction could help the salmon to tell the difference between different fish, but it didn’t tell them which fish was which.

They found that the pigment they used was very specific.

“If you looked at these salmon, you’d get a lot of very specific pigments,” Smith points out.

“So if you tried to use a pigment that would give you a salmon with very little pigment, you might get something that was a little bit darker, and maybe something a little lighter, but nothing you would identify as a salmon.”

The researchers suggest that the colour might


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