Who is the richest man in World of Warcraft?

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It’s the big one, the richest person on the planet.

The world of Warcraft is filled with billionaires, millionaires and billionaires themselves.

That’s because the game has become a huge social media phenomenon with millions of players.

In fact, the most popular community on the game is called “The Horde”.

But there are some players who feel that the world of WoW is a bit of a joke.

They are concerned that there is a lack of transparency about the wealth of the people who play the game.

And they are right.

To find out who is the wealthiest man in the World of WarCraft, I looked at the player base data for the game and found out who has the most active accounts in each game.

To get to the bottom of this, I used a game data analysis tool called Datacenter, which is a free online platform that helps you analyse game data.

The first thing Datacent did was identify all of the players in the game to find the most prolific account.

The team then used this data to generate a list of the richest players in WoW.

This is what they came up with: 1.

Lord_Nyarlathotep (Warcraft) $20 million 2.

M4A1_K1NG3R (WoW) $13 million 3.

M7K4_Logan_Preston (WoA) $10 million 4.

Nox_Dude (WoC) $8 million 5.

Krieg_Tiger (WoD) $7 million 6.

D_Bones_Wyrm (WoT) $6 million 7.

Yung_Hui_Xiao (WoG) $5 million 8.

K3x_A_Cookie (WoN) $4 million 9.

TzTok_9_Hawk (WoR) $3 million 10.

K4_Tiny_Hippo (WoS) $2 million 11.

Cpt_Kirill (WoL) $1 million 12.

Rho_X_Aus_Nord (WoQ) $500,000 13.

K_T0l_Boom_D (WoP) $250,000 14.

YzKz_Vlad_Lazarov (WoU) $100,000 15.

Yp_R_Voratun (WoX) $60,000 16.

Naga_Korok (WoV) $50,000 17.

M5_T3x (WoY) $40,000 18.

S3y_Fuzzy_Wuzzy (WoZ) $35,000 19.

T0y_Tristan_X (Wo1) $25,000 20.

Vz_Xerox (Wo0) $24,000 21.

PZ_Fury_Z (Wo7) $23,000 22.

J4k_Z_Goliath (Wo6) $22,000 23.

KZ_Kobolds_Viktor (Wo5) $21,000 24.

J5_Fatal_Zombie (Wo4) $19,000 25.

Kz_Nekron_R (WL) 100,000 26.

Y3x__N_Baboon (WZ) 500,000 27.

T3_Dawn_Vader (WV) 100 and 300,000 28.

M3xK3_J3 (WWX) 200,000 29.

R3xM3xD3 (WW) 500 and 1,000,000 30.

K2_M2_Kraken (WWL) 500 32.

V0_L0n_R1n (WWM) 1000 33.

N3xN3xG (WWW) 1,200,000 34.

M0x_R0_M0 (WWB) 1 and 5,000 35.

K0x0y0 (WQ) 1.000, 1.5 and 10,000 36.

Y0x1y0y (WWN) 2.000 and 20,000 37.

V2_T2_Baron_Eagle (WWF) 3.000 38.

V1_M1_Barracuda (WWC) 4.000 39.

V3_B_T1 (WWG) 5.000 40.

Y5x4y5 (WWE) 6.000 41.

N2x3x1 (WY) 7.000 42.

P3xP3xV3 (GW) 8.000 43.

N0x2x1x (WG) 9.000 44.

K1x1Y1 (GWF) 10.000 45.


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