What’s next for EverQuest?

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On the eve of the launch of EverQuest Next, the Minecraft server and the EverQuest server, both of which have been around since 2010, I spoke with server and server-hosting expert Matt Gage.

EverQuest’s server is still running, and Matt recently joined the Minecraft team to work on server development.

Everquest Next is a new MMO set in a world of dragons and magic.

It is an MMO with a unique combat system and story that is told through a story arc that takes place over a large number of months, as well as a fully sandboxed environment, which can be visited at any time and anywhere.

Gage told me that he’s been working on EverQuest since 2010 and that he and his team are excited to be working on it.

He said that EverQuest is the most ambitious EverQuest game yet.

“It is our biggest project to date,” he said.

Ever since its announcement in 2012, EverQuest has been at the forefront of the community.

EverQuests development has been driven by the need for more players to have an easy way to connect to servers that support the game.

Matt’s team is focused on Everquest’s server side, and he said that the Everquest community has been welcoming and supportive.

Ever Quest’s server community is also active on Reddit and other social media platforms.

Ever Quests servers are hosted in multiple locations, and the players who join the server are able to take advantage of the game’s many features.

One such feature is the “Crafting” system, which allows players to craft items and get rewards in return.

Matt said that when EverQuest launches in the spring, it will have a lot of these items in-game.

He also told me the EverQuesters community is growing rapidly and that it’s the kind of community that we’ve never seen before.

In addition to EverQuest, Matt said he has a number of other MMO projects in the works.

Matt is currently working on a new RPG for Everquest called the Ever Quest Legends.

In that game, players will have to take on a variety of quests to gain experience, unlock new skills and fight off enemies.

“I think the Everquests world is growing up a little bit in terms of how much people are going to want to play it, and I think there is a lot more that the player base wants to do,” he told me.

“In the long term, we are hoping that the game can be more than just a game, that it becomes a lifestyle.”

The EverQuest developers are hoping to continue expanding EverQuest over time, and they want to be able to offer more options to the playerbase.

Matt also told us that the developers are planning to expand EverQuest into new territories and new types of game modes.

Matt and his EverQuest team are also planning to bring more content to the game over time.

He told me they are currently in the process of developing a free-to-play EverQuest experience that will be similar to the free-play MMOs that have existed for years.

“We want to get the game to people who aren’t playing EverQuest for the first time and really get them to understand what EverQuest can do, because they’re going to be the ones that get to play with new and exciting things.”

EverQuest will launch in spring of 2021.


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