How the future of the sport is changing from the sidelines to the pitch

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Tennis fans may soon be able to see a number of new players on the tennis court.

In a bid to keep pace with the increasing demand for tennis players, the Australian Open’s governing body, the ATP, has announced a series of initiatives aimed at improving the sport’s appeal, as well as promoting it as a sport that can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

The first is the Australian Rules Tennis Association (ARTSTA), which will launch in 2018, offering professional tennis for all ages and skill levels.

ArtsTA will focus on raising the visibility of tennis in Australia, including the promotion of its female players and increasing the number of events, from one per season to three per season.

It will also work to develop the Australian Tennis Centre (ATC), a $250 million facility in Sydney’s west, where the ATP and its member players will hold training camps.

And the ATP will create a new national program for Australian tennis players at its annual meeting in Melbourne, aiming to encourage them to continue playing in the sport.

“Tennis is the game of choice for many Australian families, particularly those in remote areas where tennis is not as readily available,” the ATP said in a statement.

“These changes will make it easier for players to be involved in their communities and help to provide an exciting and fun environment for all participants.”

The ATP’s plan for the Australian calendar is also to encourage younger players to play and attract more women to the sport, with the aim of attracting women from around the world to play the game.

With an ageing population and the ageing population of men in the game, the number and age of players is expected to increase over the next decade.

But tennis’s popularity has been hit by the increasing number of injuries and illnesses, and the ATP wants to improve the safety and well-being of players by providing more training and medical support.

Australian Rules Tennis will include a number new initiatives, including introducing the ATP Player’s Advisory Board, which will advise the ATP on player welfare and player behaviour.

The board will also help develop the ATP’s new Australian Rules Training Academy, which is aimed at providing training to the ATP players, including tennis players.

Its first event will be a “tournament of champions” that will take place in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra in April 2019.

The Australian Rules ATP has also announced a partnership with the AFL, the AFL Players Association, the WA Premier’s Office and the WA Sports Council.

This will involve an Australian Rules Australian Rules team training at AFL facilities in Perth, Canberra and Melbourne in 2020.

These events will be open to the public, with an option to sign up to receive email updates on all the developments.

While tennis is still considered one of the fastest growing sports in the world, it is also facing significant challenges in its pursuit of younger fans.

There is an increasing number who are not interested in playing for a living, and more people are opting for sports with a higher prize purse.

According to research from the US, tennis has seen a decline in attendance, but a big drop in income, and this is due to players opting for other sport.

The ATP has set out to address these concerns by developing the ARTSTA, and also increasing the amount of money available to clubs and players.

The ATA will have its first major event in 2021, when it will host its first Australian Rules Championship.


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