Microsoft Edge has a bad start with users in China

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Microsoft Edge in China has a problem with some users, according to an independent study released Wednesday.

The company’s Edge browser was supposed to go live on Friday but some users are still experiencing problems.

The problem is that some users cannot open the browser, said David Dabrowski, chief research officer at Microsoft.

Some users have reported problems opening the browser and even downloading data.

That can cause the browser to crash.

Microsoft has said that it will be working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

This is the first time Microsoft has released a report on Edge, which launched in October 2016.

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s browser for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices.

Microsoft has not said what caused the problems with the browser.

But Microsoft said that the problems were caused by a new bug in the Edge version that has been in testing for a few weeks.

It’s unclear what exactly the problem is.

But in a statement to TechCrunch, Microsoft said: “We are working on a fix that will be available as soon for users as soon in the near future.”

The company did not say how many people were affected by the problem.

The company says that it is testing several fixes that it has released and that Microsoft is working with the affected organizations.

The fixes have been released to the public.

The problem was first noticed by users in the U.S. on Wednesday, said Microsoft.

The researchers say that Edge users have experienced problems downloading images from the Internet, which is the main way for users to download content.

The researchers have posted an online report about the problem in Chinese and English.

The report is available at:The issue appears to be related to the fact that Edge has been optimized to run on newer versions of the browser that are still being rolled out.

That means that it does not support older browsers like Internet Explorer or Chrome.

The browsers are more stable and Microsoft says that this has led to more problems for some users.


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