How to get a free domain name?

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Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out a free DNS service to people who want to use the Azure DNS service without paying a monthly fee.

The company has already offered DNS services for a few customers, including a number of businesses, like Twitter.

Now, Microsoft says that anyone can get a domain name with a simple query.

The new service will allow users to register a domain by typing the following query into a Microsoft search bar.

The query is only valid for a maximum of five years.

Once the domain name has been registered, it will be accessible via a free web browser or via the Windows Store.

Microsoft says people can also sign up for a Microsoft Azure domain and have their email address and phone number used to sign up with Azure.

Microsoft also said that it will offer a free, one-time Azure subscription to Azure members for two years, after which they will be charged $9.99 a month for their domain.

Microsoft has previously offered free domains to businesses, but those have generally been limited to the company’s cloud services.

The Microsoft Azure DNS services are a welcome addition to the domain service offered by Azure.

However, the DNS service is a great option for a number reasons.

It is free.

For a domain, it’s not a huge sum of money, but if you can’t get a web address to the right place quickly, you can try using a service like Namecheap.

Namecheapp’s free service has a few more features than the Microsoft Azure service, such as auto-updates and a support team to help you get things working properly.

There is no limit on the number of users or the amount of data that you can use the service to store.

In addition, Microsoft’s DNS service has been available for several years and Microsoft says there is nothing stopping it from continuing to provide a free service to more customers.

The service is currently available for customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Germany.


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