When Trump is in office, GOP lawmakers are going to get a raise: It will be an increase in base pay

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GOP lawmakers in the House and Senate will get an average $2,500 raise over the next three years, according to a new analysis from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.

The average increase is a small amount compared to the inflation rate, which reached a record 4.2 percent last year.

But they will get a bump in their base pay, which is roughly $12,000 a year.

The tax reform package that Congress passed earlier this year increased base pay by an average of $2.3 million a year, according the analysis.

That’s the equivalent of an increase of more than a million dollars a year for every lawmaker. 

The Tax Policy Council analysis shows that base pay is going to increase even more if the House or Senate is in a tie for the presidency.

The House and the Senate will each get an increase equal to 3.7 percent of their median pay, a boost of $4,000 per lawmaker.

That will leave a maximum of about $11,000 for every legislator.

It’s worth noting that base salaries aren’t adjusted for inflation.

They only go up by a percentage point each year based on inflation, so if the base raises by 3.8 percent each year, it will mean the average congressman would receive a $3,600 raise over his career.

The Senate is expected to receive an increase on average of 3.6 percent of its median pay.

That would leave a total of about the same amount for every senator.

That number doesn’t include senators who aren’t in the majority.

It also doesn’t account for members who retire or who are unable to hold a seat in the chamber.

House and senators are likely to get similar increases. 

Base pay is already set to rise by a lot for House members, but it’s likely to go up even more.

Under current law, the average base pay for members of Congress is $174,000, and the average raise would be more than 10 times that.

It would likely be higher for senators, but they’re likely to receive lower raises.

The top earners are expected to get $15,400 more than they did last year, while the bottom 30 percent of earners will receive an average raise of just $3.

The Tax Policy Institute’s analysis found that base raises would be roughly $11 million a couple of years before inflation.

That means base pay would likely increase by more than $20 million a decade.

House Republicans voted to raise base pay in January to a record high of $174 million a few weeks before the election, a vote that has been criticized by Democratic lawmakers.

The House’s leaders voted against the increase because they said they were worried about the impact on lawmakers who are already on the furlough list, and because they weren’t certain that the base pay increase would go through.


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