Watch: ‘We are very, very happy’ for U.S. Marines who deployed to Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON — A U.N. panel on Monday expressed concern over U.K. soldiers who deployed on a Marine Corps helicopter in Afghanistan.

The panel said the deployment was “in breach of a United Nations Security Council mandate” and called for “an urgent investigation” into the incident.

The Marines are currently based in Afghanistan but are to leave this month, leaving a small number of troops in the country.

U.C.L.A. professor Michael D. Coe said the incident was a violation of the U.

Ns mandate that all peacekeepers be deployed to the country as quickly as possible.

He said the U.-N.

mission had “taken steps to ensure that the U-N.

mandate does not extend to the deployment of the British forces.”

U.B.C.’s Dr. Richard Fidler, the panel’s head, said the troops’ deployment “is contrary to the principle of proportionality, which requires the protection of civilians.”

He added that it “appears that the British military may have breached its duty to protect civilians in Afghanistan.”

U-B.A.’s Richard Purnell, a former U.F.O. commander, said in a statement that the “mistreatment of U. N. personnel in Afghanistan is inexcusable.”

He said it was a “serious issue that needs to be investigated.”

He described the incident as a “gross violation of U-nates obligation to protect the civilian population in Afghanistan” and said it “should not happen again.”

The U.n. mission in Afghanistan, however, has no jurisdiction over the U..

N. troops and the U,N.

forces are not directly responsible for civilians in their region.


President Donald Trump and his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, have repeatedly criticized the U.,N.

force in Afghanistan as a force “fighting terrorism” in Afghanistan and have called for the UN. to stop its deployment.

In January, McMaster said, “We’re going to look at this issue and see how we can take it out of the hands of the Afghans.” ___


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