What do you know about a self serve lumber server?

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[[Hint: This is the first post on the subject.]]

[[Hence the title of this post.]]

This topic is very interesting to me.

So I was wondering, what is a self-serve lumber server, and how do they work?

[[Well, they are self-service servers, which means you buy a package of lumber and it comes with a self serving lumber server that you can use as a remote server.

They can be used for testing, or they can be an office supply store.

You can use them as a server if you want.

But they aren’t very good at anything else.

They are more for office supplies, and for testing purposes, but they’re also good for web hosting, as well.]]

Well, they’re not great at anything other than test servers.

[[Well yeah, they can do everything.

The only thing that they really have going for them is that they can serve as a test server.]]

But that’s really the biggest issue with them, because they are not really tested.

[[There’s a lot of people who can say that.

So let’s talk about why they’re really bad for testing.]]

One of the things that we did with our testing was we took the codebase and we did all the tests.

But that wasn’t all.

And then the next thing that we started doing was we were going to run the code in a real environment and run a bunch of real code and run the tests and get the same results that we’d gotten with our code.

And so it’s a really hard problem to solve.

[[So what’s going to happen when we have a lot more people testing their code on a real machine, and the result of the tests isn’t the same as it was with our software?]]

So the next step is to make sure that we have some kind of infrastructure that allows us to run our tests on that machine.

[[That means we have to have a machine with an internet connection.]]

[[So how do we do that?]]

[[Well it’s really simple, but we’re going to talk about it in a bit of a hurry.]]

The easiest way to do that is to have an environment that has a lot fewer computers than the machines that the testers have to test on.

[[I think that sounds a lot like running a virtual machine.]]

That way, they get a lot less testing of their code.

[[But that’s not always possible.]]

For testing purposes you have to make it a virtual environment, and so we had to build our environment for this purpose.

[[You mean like a server farm?]]

{{Title text: This makes sense, but if you run a server on a single machine, you’ll probably be able to do a lot worse than using an internet-facing machine.}}


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