Discord is getting rid of ads and has a new look

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Discord is making it easier for users to keep track of who they’re talking to and what they’re saying, and it’s bringing in a new way to monetize its service: ads.

In an update Tuesday, Discord announced that it would no longer accept ads, which are currently the only way users can buy ads on its platform.

“The community is demanding the end of ads,” the company wrote.

“As of today, we will no longer allow ads to be placed on Discord.

Ads will no more be present in the marketplace, so that means you won’t have to spend a dime to access the service.”

Discord also announced that the company would begin using third-party software called Content ID to track users and their interactions.

That software is a tool that lets developers identify when someone has clicked on a link or shared a picture on Discord, and allows them to monetise that activity.

“This will allow us to better understand how our users are spending their time on Discord and make better decisions about monetization,” Discord said in the update.

“With Content ID, we can then make better use of that data.”

Discords first unveiled the new design back in May, and the company said that it was made to “provide a more user-friendly and user-focused experience for our community.”

Discord has since launched its own video chat platform called Chatbot that is built around its “Community Manager” service.

It also announced earlier this month that it plans to launch its own social media service, Chatting About Us.

Discord has also been getting a boost in recent months from new tools that allow users to report abuse and harassment, as well as a new ad-free version of the service.

The new Discord Ads update will let users continue to see their purchases, but the company is also adding new features that will allow advertisers to show ads to users who don’t have them.

The news comes as Discord is facing criticism from its user base over its decision to allow ads on the platform.

Discord announced last month that they were going to end ads, but that hasn’t happened, and instead will show them in a separate section of the marketplace.

The company said last month it would allow advertisers on its new app, but it later pulled the feature from its site.

Discords recent ads pushback came after users launched a petition asking the company to stop advertising.

The petition garnered over 8,000 signatures.

Discord has previously said that they would continue to show users the ads in their own forums, but not on the Discord Marketplace.

Discord said it would stop advertising if it didn’t receive a positive response from its community.


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