NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington says Cowboys are ‘going to have a difficult season’ but still ‘have a great team’

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On Monday, ESPN’s Jeff Domenik reported that the Cowboys have a “very good chance” to make the playoffs this season, and ESPN’s Darren Rovell confirmed that he thinks Dallas is “the most likely” team to win the NFC East.

Darlington told theScore that Dallas is the “team to beat in the division” and the Cowboys are “going to need a lot of help from their offense.”

Darlington said that the offense should be “stronger and better” than they have been.

He also said that Dallas should be better “on defense” because the defense has struggled to stop the run.

Darling said that a team that plays at a high level, like New Orleans, is the best team to beat, and the defense is “a little bit more of a question mark right now.”

Darling was also asked if he thinks the Cowboys will have a tough season because of the team’s record and whether it’s a sign that the team has lost confidence in its quarterback situation.

Darlinssaid that it’s not a big deal because he’s a Cowboys fan.

He said that it could be because “the defense is really good, so I guess it could help.”

Darlin said that he doesn’t think that’s the case, and that “the offense is still very much in flux.”

He said it’s too early to say whether the offense will be more or less consistent in the second half of the season, but said that if it is, it would help the Cowboys.

Darland also said he thinks it’s unlikely that Cowboys will lose to the Packers.

He said he believes that the Packers will “win by more than 50 points,” and that the fact that the Giants “haven’t been able to come back from a field goal late” will be “a factor.”

Darwin said he would not be surprised if the Cowboys “do win the division by the same margin that they had in the first half” because he thinks that the two teams “will be able to do that.”

Darland said that this year is going to be “challenging” for Dallas because of how many injuries the team suffered last year, and because of “the way things are set up in the secondary.”

Darren Rovell reported that Dallas’s quarterback situation is “much better” in 2016 than it was last year because of a more balanced defense.

Darwin’s report prompted a reaction from NFL Network analyst Michael Silver, who said that “there’s no doubt” that Darlington is right about Dallas’s chances of making the playoffs.

He pointed out that the NFL’s record books are looking “pretty good” for the Cowboys, which means that “it’s not going to hurt them that much to win.”

He added that the defense “is going to have to step up.”

Silver said that when he was watching the Cowboys last year “I was like, man, I’ve never seen a team play like they’re playing right now, and it’s going to take a lot more from the secondary than it does the offense.

If it’s all the defense does, it’s still going to work.”

Silver also said “I think the Cowboys should be much better than they were last year” because of injuries and the way that the organization is set up.


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