What Happened To The ‘Rambo’ Effect? The New York Times’ Joe Weisenthal writes that the “Rambo” effect has been “sabotaged” and the “crazed conspiracy theorists” have been replaced with “the truth” as a result of the “rampant lying.”  The

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also notes that there is “no doubt that the public’s sense of betrayal was intensified by the release of the new video showing the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, and the subsequent protests.”

 In a piece entitled, ‘The Rambo Effect,’ the Times says that people are “not necessarily outraged by the shooting, but they are outraged by a failure to report it and the way in which the news media has covered it.” 

“A ‘Rampant Lie’ is a powerful political weapon.

The ‘truth’ is not merely false, but also dangerous.

The public has been duped into believing that the ‘Rambler’ effect is ‘real.’ 

In the aftermath of the Brown shooting, many people felt betrayed and lost.

They have lost faith in the American system, in the ‘rampantly lying’ mainstream media, and in the institutions that are supposed to protect us from this dangerous truth.

They feel they are being deceived by the ‘news’ media, by their elected officials, and by those who are claiming that the protests have been organized by the police.

Weisenthal also notes, “It’s not that the people have lost their faith in government. “

The public is not only being duped by the media and the courts; they are also being betrayed by their representatives in Congress and by their fellow citizens.” 

Weisenthal also notes, “It’s not that the people have lost their faith in government.

They’ve still got faith in elected officials.

But the ‘radar effect’ has been sabotaged, and what was once a ‘Radar Effect’ has become a ‘radial lie.'” 

He concludes, “There is no doubt that this was an unprecedented moment for the American people to learn the truth about what happened in Ferguson, but the public, and especially the public at large, are not necessarily outraged.

They may not even be aware that it is happening.

The only outrage is that the media, the mainstream media and others are not reporting it.

This is what has happened in the United States in recent months.” 

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