What if you could control your own sex life?

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When the internet was invented in the late 90s, it was a way to get access to the world’s largest collection of porn sites and movies.

It was the most powerful technology on earth, and it was accessible to a wide swath of people who could afford it.

But a lot of people got bored and left the internet behind, and porn websites are now a $1 billion industry in the US alone.

As it becomes harder to access porn and more people are finding out about the content online, it’s time for a new approach to porn: a social network.

Pornhub, which is owned by PornHub, has been trying to figure out how to connect its customers with their porn-watching peers for years.

That approach, known as “pornhubbing,” has been in the works for some time, and now, it has a new name: Pornhub for social.

The idea is simple: people who are watching porn, in real time, can connect with one another and share clips, stories, and even photos of their favorite porn stars.

That’s a big deal.

In the future, social porn could be just as powerful as social dating.

But for now, the social network has only a limited set of features.

“You can’t go to Pornhubbing for any of the features you can’t find in a dating app,” says Sarah Stirling, Pornhub’s cofounder and CEO.

“There’s just no way to access that stuff.”

The company, which has already had to scale back its plans for social porn, is working on a new platform that will let people easily access content on a larger scale, and that includes the ability to invite friends to join.

The company says the new platform will allow users to share clips of their favorites, share links to porn, and connect with their friends.

“We are bringing porn to the mainstream, not just for us, but for everyone,” says Stirling.

“It’s really important for the porn industry to do this.”

It also makes sense for Pornhub to bring the technology to the social space.

The social platform was created as a way for people to meet people in real life, without being seen in porn.

The idea is that porn is just as sexy as sex and that everyone should be able to meet and socialize with other people.

“Porn is such an intimate experience that people are curious about how it’s done,” says Pornhub founder and CEO Sarah Stokes.

“People need to know where to go to meet other people in that space.”

In a world where people are constantly searching for ways to make their lives easier, the potential for social media to connect people with other porn fans is a welcome one.

But what does Pornhub think will happen when people discover that social porn is also for sex?

“If people don’t get it, they’re going to go somewhere else,” says David Gellman, PornHub’s chief technology officer.

“And I don’t think it’s the best place to start.”

How it worksThe Pornhub social platform will use “banners” to identify users.

“The banner will say, ‘Hey, there’s a person you might like,'” says Stokes, referring to a user.

“That’s a good sign, because it’s a sign that that person is a porn user.”

The banner will also show users what the porn sites they’ve visited look like, and a list of all the clips they’ve shared, as well as the people who have been with them.

The sites themselves will also appear in the list.

“We want to make it very clear that you’re not seeing a curated selection of content,” says Gellmansays.

“When people come to the site, we’re going there to be a porn star, or a porn actress, or an actress that is a part of our site.

They are the users.

They’re the ones that are sharing that content.”

The PornHub team hopes that users will also be able add friends, but the company is not yet saying how it plans to do that.

It says that the porn profiles on the site will be limited to just a handful of people, and the content will be shared with them by default.

But that may change when users discover that Pornhub also has a Facebook group.

“What if we started adding more people?

We would see more porn,” says Vicky Nix, Porn-Hub’s VP of social.

“Then we would have more users.”

PornHub has been testing out the new social platform since February, and will likely launch it next week.

But Stirling says she hopes that the company can keep its social porn secret until it has some real users.


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