Microsoft is working to get Gmail to use a new SMTP server instead of Gmail’s own SMTP protocol

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Microsoft has a long history of working with email clients that are designed for a single platform and that are based on the same SMTP-based protocol.

The company is hoping to use that history to get its email clients to be able to communicate with other email clients and other applications in the future.

“Gmail is designed to be a standard and it’s really important that it is,” said David Karp, a product management and product marketing manager at Microsoft.

“We want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing when we’re using that protocol.”

The goal of the effort is to make Gmail use a different protocol that will work on all of its different platforms.

Microsoft wants Gmail to be open source.

This means that other email providers can use the same protocol and make the protocol interoperable.

It means that the company can offer a way for people who are using an old Gmail account to use their new Gmail account.

Microsoft’s work on SMTP is being done in partnership with the SMTP consortium, which is an organization that represents the interests of the SMTPD, which represents the concerns of the email industry.

Microsoft said it is working with the organizations SMTP and SMTP Foundation to ensure that the new protocol is interoperable with the old Gmail.

“With the help of the industry, we’ve been able to secure the interoperability of SMTP for both existing and new accounts, and that will allow for future interoperability with other platforms and applications,” Karp said.

Gmail currently uses the SMTPS protocol.

It uses the old protocol to send messages.

But it also uses the new SMTSP protocol to get the messages and attachments it needs to send.

Gmail has not implemented the new version of the protocol, but it is being updated in the coming weeks to be compatible with the new one.

The goal is to get this working with Gmail on other platforms, like Android phones and tablets.

Google has been working on the project for some time.

Google says it is going to use the SMTCP protocol to support Google’s Gmail accounts.

The SMTP standards group has been collaborating with Google to build a standard that will be interoperable across all email clients.

The Google-SMTP standard is expected to be ready for public release in 2018.

The idea is to be the first one that will provide a standard for email, with interoperability across all platforms, including mobile devices and email servers.

The new SMTCp standard will enable email clients on all platforms to use this protocol.

This will help Gmail be able respond to requests from email users on all devices, including desktop, mobile, and connected TVs.


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