A $4B bailout plan for NTP server could be on the table

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The National Time Protocol (NTP) server is at the center of the NTP scandal and its been under scrutiny since last year.

In January, a congressional investigation found that a company that owns NTP servers in Texas had been “bribing and threatening” the state’s election officials to prevent them from accessing and operating the server, which was the nation’s primary source of election data.

It was also alleged that the company was involved in a conspiracy to obtain voting software from the State of Michigan that was used to assist in the 2004 election.

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the Justice Department to begin a civil case against the company that has been accused of illegally obtaining election software.

But a DOJ official said that the agency’s probe would be limited to determining whether the company acted with a corrupt motive.

The official also stressed that the investigation would focus solely on whether NTP officials violated any laws or regulations.

The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is looking into the NTRP case as well, according to a government filing obtained by The Hill.

The filing stated that the OIG is “reviewing the status of NTP’s internal processes and processes within the Department of Justice,” as well as the allegations that NTP may have violated election laws by using federal contractors to perform the server’s functions. 

The NTRPA is part of the Department’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which has been involved in securing the NTC servers for the last six years.

The NTRPRT is part, as well.

The agency, according a department spokesperson, has been “investigating NTRPMT’s conduct for the past three years.”

The NTP investigation comes on the heels of another case involving the NTSEC, the Department on the Judiciary’s National Security Agency.

The Justice Department said in March that it would not prosecute the NRTEC, which operates the NTM server, in connection with the 2004 elections.

The department’s decision was the first since a federal judge ruled last year that the NDTEC violated election law by failing to secure and maintain the NTLPRT’s data on its server.

NTP officials have said the NTPRT server was not compromised, according the Justice Dept. filing.

But in February, the Justice Departmnt charged the NTE with conspiring to commit election fraud, and the NTDEC with conspiring with the NTTEC to steal election software and to interfere with the election process.

It was the second time in three months that a federal court had ordered the NNTEC to pay back money to the NTA, the NTEREC and the DOJ.

In July, the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) also ordered NTC to pay a $4.5 billion penalty for its role in the elections debacle.


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