How Google is betting on its cloud platform to help the world get online: ‘It’s a win-win’

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Google is spending millions of dollars to build a massive data center in Valheim, Germany, as part of its $100 billion acquisition of the internet-search giant, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The news of Google’s investment comes as the US government is considering a bill that would give federal regulators the power to force internet companies like Google to hand over customer data to law enforcement.

Google is expected to begin construction on its massive data hub, located just outside the northern city of Hamburg, by the end of next year, the Wall St Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

The center, which will house nearly 3,000 computers, will house data from its search, YouTube, and Maps apps, as well as information about the world around it, the people said.

Google has been using its data center as a testing ground for a new cloud-computing platform, the Journal reported.

The company has been developing its own private cloud for years, with its most recent big bet was the purchase of data center hosting company Red Hat in January.

The deal, which was valued at $13 billion, led to the creation of a new private cloud service called Google Cloud Platform, and has since made it easier for the tech giant to build its own data centers.

The investment will help Google expand its efforts to deliver services like cloud-based video-sharing and video-playing to customers, as it seeks to address the growing need for more personal data on its customers.

In addition to data centers, Google also plans to build out a virtual reality lab that will house VR devices, and develop an online-gaming platform for virtual reality enthusiasts.

Google declined to comment on the investment, but its vice president of cloud and enterprise product management, Dan Stapp, told the Journal that the company is “focused on building the world’s most reliable and scalable cloud.”

The company’s goal is to build an infrastructure that allows its data centers to serve the world for as long as it needs to, he said.

The move comes as other US companies are moving to bolster their cloud infrastructure.

Google recently announced a $10 billion purchase of AWS, the company’s largest cloud service provider.

Last month, Facebook announced that it will acquire data center technology company RedHat.


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